Georgia is the most expensive state in which to own and operate a motor vehicle at $4,233 annually, according to a new survey., a personal finance web site, tallied the cost of insurance, gasoline, taxes, fees, and car repairs in all 50 states.  This amount is comprised of $1952 in taxes and fees, $1,129 in Gasoline, $767 in Insurance and $385 in repairs.

Georgia,  is so expensive because  its sprawling development causes computers spend a great deal of time in their cars.  This is compounded by the lack of public transportation options causing travel delays over crowded roads.

“Those long commutes lead to above-average gasoline costs and insurance rates," the web site said.  Forbes ranked Atlanta 7th in the nation for daily work commutes at 34.3 minutes each way, 82% of these involving a single driver,

Georgia also has the highest state auto taxes and fees in the nation.

Rounding out the top ten most expensive states are California ($3,966), Wyoming ($3,938), Rhode Island ($3,913), Nevada ($3,886), Arizona ($3,886), Kentucky ($3,626), Massachusetts ($3,625), Virginia ($3,622) and Nebraska ($3,571).